Trauma Mama


I've been in 2 of Sue's online groups. The support and counsel given to me has been invaluable, truly. I joined a group after only a few weeks of discovery of my husband's sexual betrayal and sex addiction and was beyond crushed and devastated. I didn't even know where to start in getting back up from such a miserable place of pain and sadness.


Sue became my "trauma mama." I felt like she came alongside me in such a loving manner and taught me things about how to care for myself after such a serious wound.  She was like a mom who teaches her daughter how to care for herself in other areas. I never imagined how powerfully God would use her to speak into my life via the Wives Care Group and the Rescued Study Group.


My husband and I had leaned towards giving up and divorcing but really didn't want to.  We just thought it was easiest. Thanks to Sue speaking wisdom to me over the phone, we didn't divorce.  We are now both getting the help we need and haven't had a fight in a long time. She helped explain things to me that I didn't understand about a sex addict that have been helpful for my own healing journey. I can't say enough, but please give yourself the gift of self-care and join a group or get the help you need. You will thank yourself for it.

What Can I Say?


What can I say?  This has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I was totally tired of some unresolved issues in my life and although I knew that the Lord died for me so that I could be free, I decided to get the help I needed to keep from living a substandard life.

I have witnessed what the Lord has done in Sue's life – walking through very difficult situations and coming out at the other end stronger, victorious, healed, and ready to help other women find healing and wholeness. 

I am so thankful that I made the decision to work with Sue to help me make it to the finish line. The Lord has been working in my life for a number of years, but there were deep issues of trauma and verbal abuse that needed to be dealt with in order to experience the healing and wholeness that I have longed for.

Sue has been the perfect person to work with me. It has been a few months now that we have worked together and she has helped me to walk through these painful situations in a way that brings hope and healing. Sue has a way of bringing truth in areas of my life where the lies of the enemy have worked for such a long time. She is helping me to clearly see what the Lord has to say in every one of these areas. 

I am so excited about the progress I’ve made so far, and I look forward to our time together to continue to take more ground. Using the Word of God, the lies are being dismantled rapidly and new healthy patterns are being established. I am finding out who I am in the Lord and who He created me to be. 

It does not matter how old you are or how long it has been. It reminds me of the dominos lined up and when you push the first one, it starts the chain reaction that knocks down the strongholds and lies of the enemy one by one.The Lord is so faithful, and I am truly grateful that he has given Sue the training and experience to help me unravel every lie and replace it with His truth.  She does it in a way where there is no condemnation or blame but His truth. There have been tears, but we have also had sessions where we have laughed so hard that our faces have hurt. Laughter feels so good when you are dealing with such deep issues of life.  

What else can I say? I am grateful, excited, and full of hope to experience such freedom in areas where I had resigned myself to live way below what the Lord had died for and intended for me. I knew there was more, but I was not able to do it by myself. I needed someone to come alongside and that person is Sue. I consider myself a runner that is running for a full victorious life that is getting closer and closer every week. Keeping my eyes on the Lord and looking forward to the finish line full of hope and excitement.  Thank you, dear friend, for all your help…there is still more. I am forever grateful!

God's Most Powerful Work


Sue’s role as my mentor has been critical. I’m in early recovery from trauma betrayal due to my husband’s addiction to pornography, his affair, and other harmful behaviors. I have various sources of support, including my therapist, family, friends, pastor, support group, and media resources; however, I feel God is doing the most powerful work through Sue’s mentoring! She has shared such wise advice, deep encouragement, and inspired me with hope by focusing on the truth in Scripture. Sue is living out her own story of betrayal, yet has received healing; she displays a “wellness of soul” that I want in my life. No one else plays the role she is playing in my recovery which is why I haven’t been able to substitute close friends farther along in the healing process than I am. Sue’s a strong prayer support throughout every week.


Strangely, when I’m on a call with Sue, I often smile and laugh though I’ve never been in more pain in my life. That is one of the biggest blessings of the relationship. She is full of the Holy Spirit and is able to assist in an anointed way. Sue has helped me realize that the level of pain and destruction I’m in is an indicator of the level of glory that is coming. She makes me want to push hard into my healing process, for my own sake, and the glory on the other side. Traits that make Sue helpful: well-trained, advice specific to my situation, never pushy or judgmental, puts the blame where it belongs, able to pinpoint truth from lies, positive, mourns with me, already healed, and so much more!


God Centered Restoration


Healing from the trauma caused by sexual betrayal is painful, complex and nuanced. Using a powerful study, Sue guided me through a biblical and God centered restorative process. Safety, compassion, commitment, and discernment are part of Sue’s core. These qualities were critical in propelling me forward in my journey. I thought I would never be freed of my pain. Through my mentoring with Sue, I now understand God’s healing gives full release from on-going pain. She is a treasure. I’m incredibly grateful for the unique and crucial role she played in my healing journey. ~Beth