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Foundational and Transformative


I am so grateful to Sue and the work of Healing Wings as I continue my recovery journey from betrayal. Within the first year of discovering many wounds, the important work of understanding and allowing God to heal me from the pain was foundational and transformative. I was scattered, not confident, and drowning in confusion when I started. Within 3.5 months, I have become someone who can hear God speak in my life, releasing control for Him to be able to strike down what he wants to remove from this world like lightning. My Maker continues to mold me; without the baggage of a victim mentality. He is designing a new style in me, carefully crafted to show His glorious goodness (Romans 9:19-24). My hope is that I will fully become the person God has purposed me to be and that I can find new dreams with His guidance. 

Revelation and Breakthrough


As I went through a time of mentoring with Sue, I received many revelations and breakthroughs about wrong thinking/understanding that had been unknowingly keeping me stuck in certain areas. Week after week, I could feel my defensive and hardened heart softening. With my heart softening, I was more able to receive the love of Christ. One of my favorite sections of the healing course was the chapter on confusion; I had been dealing with a lot of confusion without realizing it. I felt the Holy Spirit partnering with me to shed light on the dark, and it was both a joy and comfort to have Sue walking alongside me on the journey. The healing curriculum revealed deep truths about the healing power of Christ to me that I had never learned from church or from my family of origin. My healing process started to really thrive and accelerate with all the truth I received, and now I have a resource for the Truth that I can continue to reference. 

Patience and Empathy


I thank God for Sue!  Sue walked me through Healing Wings just as Jesus would – with patience and empathy.  I started my healing journey many years ago and honestly, didn’t think I needed Healing Wings but I was wrong.  Each chapter dug deeper into the areas I had pushed aside.  I was able to deal with childhood traumas as well as betrayal trauma in a Christ-centered, trauma informed way.  If you are dealing with, or should I say pushing aside childhood trauma out of fear, I encourage you to let Jesus and Sue walk with you through your healing journey.



Spiritual healing isn’t something that’s magical.  It’s truly a gift from God.  It’s like nothing else in this world.  The Lord has taken me from a dark and corrupted teen guy to a guy who wants only light and wanting to be as close as he can be to God’s feet. Healing Wings is something that has changed my life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  


My story is that I was mentally and physically abused by three guys over my life span.  I was mentally beat down and abused by two guys and the third one severely abused me mentally and physically.  This really put me into deep depression which caused me to fall into Satan’s deep well of darkness.  I felt alone, disconnected, and vulnerable.  I became impure and acted out in unhealthy ways.  This lasted for about a year leading up to almost the end of my first semester of my freshman year.  


One day, my mother asked me if I wanted to do this therapy work, so I decided to do it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was going to heal me completely and set my enemies running.  At first, I was stubborn and wasn’t really paying attention.  I sort of blew it off.  But as I met with Sue week after week, I got better, more healed, and more connected.  I felt lighter – like I was weightless.  I got to feel the Lord’s presence on me and it was so cool.  I became so amazed at how the Lord can do so much for a person when they open their heart and look toward Him.  God was moving in so many ways.  


I forgave my abusers and learned how to deal with my past.  Everyone around me could see the changes and so could I.  Through Healing Wings, I knew God was moving in my heart to heal me where I was broken.  I just pray for the people who are hurt and need healing, for those who are going through Healing Wings, and for those who are reading this that God will be over you.

Trauma Mama


I've been in 2 of Sue's online groups. The support and counsel given to me has been invaluable, truly. I joined a group after only a few weeks of discovery of my husband's sexual betrayal and sex addiction and was beyond crushed and devastated. I didn't even know where to start in getting back up from such a miserable place of pain and sadness.


Sue became my "trauma mama." I felt like she came alongside me in such a loving manner and taught me things about how to care for myself after such a serious wound.  She was like a mom who teaches her daughter how to care for herself in other areas. I never imagined how powerfully God would use her to speak into my life via the Wives Care Group and the Rescued Study Group.


My husband and I had leaned towards giving up and divorcing but really didn't want to.  We just thought it was easiest. Thanks to Sue speaking wisdom to me over the phone, we didn't divorce.  We are now both getting the help we need and haven't had a fight in a long time. She helped explain things to me that I didn't understand about a sex addict that have been helpful for my own healing journey. I can't say enough, but please give yourself the gift of self-care and join a group or get the help you need. You will thank yourself for it.

What Can I Say?


What can I say?  This has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I was totally tired of some unresolved issues in my life and although I knew that the Lord died for me so that I could be free, I decided to get the help I needed to keep from living a substandard life.

I have witnessed what the Lord has done in Sue's life – walking through very difficult situations and coming out at the other end stronger, victorious, healed, and ready to help other women find healing and wholeness. 

I am so thankful that I made the decision to work with Sue to help me make it to the finish line. The Lord has been working in my life for a number of years, but there were deep issues of trauma and verbal abuse that needed to be dealt with in order to experience the healing and wholeness that I have longed for.

Sue has been the perfect person to work with me. It has been a few months now that we have worked together and she has helped me to walk through these painful situations in a way that brings hope and healing. Sue has a way of bringing truth in areas of my life where the lies of the enemy have worked for such a long time. She is helping me to clearly see what the Lord has to say in every one of these areas. 

I am so excited about the progress I’ve made so far, and I look forward to our time together to continue to take more ground. Using the Word of God, the lies are being dismantled rapidly and new healthy patterns are being established. I am finding out who I am in the Lord and who He created me to be. 

It does not matter how old you are or how long it has been. It reminds me of the dominos lined up and when you push the first one, it starts the chain reaction that knocks down the strongholds and lies of the enemy one by one.The Lord is so faithful, and I am truly grateful that he has given Sue the training and experience to help me unravel every lie and replace it with His truth.  She does it in a way where there is no condemnation or blame but His truth. There have been tears, but we have also had sessions where we have laughed so hard that our faces have hurt. Laughter feels so good when you are dealing with such deep issues of life.  

What else can I say? I am grateful, excited, and full of hope to experience such freedom in areas where I had resigned myself to live way below what the Lord had died for and intended for me. I knew there was more, but I was not able to do it by myself. I needed someone to come alongside and that person is Sue. I consider myself a runner that is running for a full victorious life that is getting closer and closer every week. Keeping my eyes on the Lord and looking forward to the finish line full of hope and excitement.  Thank you, dear friend, for all your help…there is still more. I am forever grateful!

God's Most Powerful Work


Sue’s role as my mentor has been critical. I’m in early recovery from trauma betrayal due to my husband’s addiction to pornography, his affair, and other harmful behaviors. I have various sources of support, including my therapist, family, friends, pastor, support group, and media resources; however, I feel God is doing the most powerful work through Sue’s mentoring! She has shared such wise advice, deep encouragement, and inspired me with hope by focusing on the truth in Scripture. Sue is living out her own story of betrayal, yet has received healing; she displays a “wellness of soul” that I want in my life. No one else plays the role she is playing in my recovery which is why I haven’t been able to substitute close friends farther along in the healing process than I am. Sue’s a strong prayer support throughout every week.


Strangely, when I’m on a call with Sue, I often smile and laugh though I’ve never been in more pain in my life. That is one of the biggest blessings of the relationship. She is full of the Holy Spirit and is able to assist in an anointed way. Sue has helped me realize that the level of pain and destruction I’m in is an indicator of the level of glory that is coming. She makes me want to push hard into my healing process, for my own sake, and the glory on the other side. Traits that make Sue helpful: well-trained, advice specific to my situation, never pushy or judgmental, puts the blame where it belongs, able to pinpoint truth from lies, positive, mourns with me, already healed, and so much more!


God Centered Restoration


Healing from the trauma caused by sexual betrayal is painful, complex and nuanced. Using a powerful study, Sue guided me through a biblical and God centered restorative process. Safety, compassion, commitment, and discernment are part of Sue’s core. These qualities were critical in propelling me forward in my journey. I thought I would never be freed of my pain. Through my mentoring with Sue, I now understand God’s healing gives full release from on-going pain. She is a treasure. I’m incredibly grateful for the unique and crucial role she played in my healing journey. ~Beth

Essential Journey


Healing Wings has been such an essential part of the journey for me.  I leave every meeting feeling supported, loved, and a little more healed.  I have a long way to go, but I am thankful for you and your counsel.  It has saved me.  Thank you, Sue!  The material was exactly what I needed and spoke to every hurt part, but your counsel is why this program is extraordinary.  God gave you such a gift.   You are a beacon of hope and light and have lifted me out of the darkest time!  Your testimony, transparency, and openness with your own life have given me hope that healing from this pain is possible!  I am stronger, more hopeful, and closer to God, feeling more like myself than I have in years (even before I found out about the betrayal). Your stories, anecdotes, and bible verses shared throughout Healing Wings will stay with me forever.  I use them whenever I need them and will pass them on if I ever feel strong enough to help someone else.

Finding Wholeness


Sue was great at guiding me through the steps of finding wholeness through the curriculum of Healing Wings.  She speaks the truth in love.  As someone who has experienced betrayal trauma, I found Healing Wings very helpful and life-changing. It helped me see that my ex-husband is mentally unstable and needs compassion and not judgment.  We are all sinners in need of a Savior.  Healing Wings has been a journey to find forgiveness for my ex-husband so that I don't live in bitterness and resentment.  It is my response to the trauma that has happened to me that is important.  If I respond with hate, I won't find healing, but if I respond with compassion and love, I will find forgiveness for those who hurt me and experience freedom.  Sue asked questions that helped to get to the root of what was really going on inside of me.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go through Healing Wings with Sue. God changed my heart and is working in me to bring wholeness and healing.  

Solid Foundation


Sue is an incredible mentor! I learned and grew so much during the Healing Wings course. Now I have a solid foundation of tools to propel me through hard times. I started Healing Wings feeling hopeless, confused, ashamed, and broken. Now, I am full of hope, my heart is healing, I have regained a sense of clarity and trust in my own intuition, and I know my worth. I feel full and free and confident that my future is bright, and that all my pain has a beautiful purpose. I’m so grateful to Sue and her joyful, loving, gentle, and caring investment in me. She’s been through the fire and comes out so refined and radiant! I highly recommend her & Healing Wings.

Missing Piece


At the time of writing this, I’ve been on my healing journey from marriage betrayal trauma for ten years and childhood/teen sexual abuse for four. The traumatic memories from my childhood abuse were deeply repressed – for such a time as this. I’ve worked hard over the past ten years and experienced much growth and healing. Working through Healing Wings with Sue, however, felt like a missing puzzle piece just slid right in. Sue is wise, compassionate, and kind. It’s clear these traits have come from her own healing journey from trauma and grief and her deep connection with the Lord. I tend to struggle with being task-oriented and not wanting to fall behind. She gently called me on my performance tendencies and encouraged my process to be on the Holy Spirit’s timeline. My path to wholeness is ongoing, and Sue has helped remind me that there is no need to rush this important work.

Partnering with the Spirit

Beth W.

While going through Healing Wings with Sue, I received many revelations and breakthroughs about wrong thinking/understanding that had been unknowingly keeping me stuck in certain areas. Week after week, I could feel my defensive and hardened heart softening. With my heart softening, I was more able to receive the love of Christ. One of my favorite sections of the healing course was the chapter on confusion; I had been dealing with a lot of confusion without realizing it. I felt the Holy Spirit partnering with me to shed light on the dark, and it was both a joy and comfort to have Sue walking alongside me on the journey. Healing Wings revealed deep truths about the healing power of Christ to me that I had never learned from church or from my family of origin. My healing process started to really thrive and accelerate with this truth, and now I have a resource for the Truth that I can continue to reference. 

Facing Feelings


I am so glad I went through Healing Wings because I was able to face my feelings toward my mother, that I buried for years.  Through Healing Wings, God healed my broken heart!  I was carrying things that I didn’t realize I was carrying about my mom and the Holy Spirit released me from blame, bitterness, and resentment.  I was able to move on, free from my past.  Thank you, Jesus!  I love my mom, have forgiven her, and I now know she did her best!

Releasing Pain


I started Healing Wings, not knowing what or who had hurt me.  I didn’t know what caused me to react the way I did.  I would close off from others and be crabby towards them and not want to let them in.  I would shut them out or push them away when things got emotionally hard.  I would push those away who would help me the most.  I would always fear others not liking me or hurting me in some way with their words or judgment.  When I started the study, I was confused why I would have such big reactions to my fiancé over something he didn’t actually do.  I would overly exaggerate his actions and make myself believe he was doing something to purposely hurt me.  Sue helped me to realize that the one who actually hurt me had big effects on my life.  When she first asked me about him, I didn’t realize that his actions actually hurt me, and I was stuffing those emotions deep down.  I needed God’s help to get them out.  That man who hurt me was supposed to be a godly man, a role model of a father, but never was the proper covering.  Deep down, I feared my fiancé would hurt me too, because of how I had been hurt in the past.  Through Healing Wings, I was able to learn how to actually understand my emotions and be able to express them to others in a healthy way.  When my mom or fiancé would ask me how I was doing or what was wrong, I would usually say, “nothing” because I couldn’t explain how I was feeling.  Now I am able to understand and express what I’m feeling and why.  This has helped me tremendously in all my relationships.  I didn’t cry about the situation that man put my family in until the last week of the study.  God had brought those emotions to the surface, and I was able to let them out.  I cried so, so much and it was healing.  I cried to my fiancé and could explain every feeling I had.  He never knew all of that.  It was a part of me that I didn’t want to let anyone into, but I was able to open up to him and not shut him out from that specific hurt.  He learned so much about me as I cried to him.  It was hard to let all of the emotions out.  It was hard to be vulnerable and let myself feel that hurt.  That’s an important step – feeling and releasing the pain.  Thank you, God, for working in my heart and life at a young age (19), so I won’t have to carry those bad reactions into my marriage or soon after – motherhood.  I am so incredibly grateful for my mom who went through the study herself and provided for me to go through it as well.

Forever Blessed


I was in a place in my life where I was confused, hopeless, and wandering through my days wondering if things would ever get better.  I often felt like I was sleepwalking.  I had taken my eyes off of Jesus.  The confusion that ran my life had blinded me from even seeing it.  There was so much hurt and brokenness around me that I felt like I was drowning in it.  Going through Healing Wings was exactly what I needed to change my perspective, heal my heart, and let go!  I’ve grown so much stronger and gained great wisdom.  Confusion and anger no longer control my days.  I’ve learned healthy detachment, which has given me freedom to have joy and hope no matter what the future holds.  Chains have not just broken but crumbled at my feet.  I am walking in a new freedom based on truth, Jesus!  I would highly recommend this study to anyone who is struggling in their life and wants to go deep in their walk with Christ.  Sue was the perfect confidant – her experience combined with the wisdom and knowledge she holds allows her to serve people from a gifted place in her heart.  She truly became a trusted friend and admirable mentor.  My life is forever blessed because of going through this study with Sue – but not just my life – the lives of my children and those whom I walk with because of the change in my heart, the healing I experienced, and the wisdom that I can now share.

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